Current Affairs Report 4

Current Affairs Report 4

Topic 1: Space X

the first lauch with fill Crew

The first launche with fill crew. The Falcon rocket thundered into icht from Kennedy Space center. On board were three Amaericans, and one Jananese. SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk and the first successful launch was in 2017.

The Mission

The Crew flew the the ISS wich is short for International Space Station. The Commander of the Crew was Hopkins.

The Founder: Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born June 28th, 1971 in Pretoria (South Africa) His Father was an electromechanical engineer, pilot, sailor, consultant and property developer. Musk also has a younger brother. Firsly Elon Musk became vefy rich by founding PayPal. Than after this with 100$ milliion he founded SpaceX.

Topic 2: Heinz Janisch

The Price

Heinz Janisch is a famous Austrian author who wrote many chrlde's books. Every Year a "big Price" is awarded to an author. Thsi year the main price was awarded to Heinz Janisch. This Price was for children books. He already won smaller Prices for children books. His books were translated into many different languages. But due to Corona the Price was given to him virtually. The Price was worth 5.000 €.

His Works

"Gute Reise, Leo", "Mario, der Tagmaler", "Ein Krokodil zu viel", "Benni und die Sieben Löwen", "Sarah und der Wundervogel", "Die Arche Noah", "Josef ist im Büro oder am weg nach Betlehem", "Heute bin ich stark", "Es gib so Tage...", and a lot more.