Current Affairs Report by Fabio Radda number 2

NASA rover made a risky landing on Mars

A risky landing

Shortly after landing, Perseverance sent a first picture from Mars. Perseverance is new in the Jezero crater in the northern hemishphere of the planet. It is known from earlier data that there must habe been a huge lake at a time where conditions on Mars were far more liveable than they are today. The main objective of the mission is to look for signs of life.

Turtles freezing to death

Turtles freezing to death

San Antonio - The power outages following a violent winter storm in the southern United States hit not only people, but wildlife too. More than 4.700 hypothermic turtles were dispensed at the South Padre Island Conference Center.


The animals are now carefilly warmed up in a hall. As another cold front is approaching, they cannot be released for new. Because the power supply has now benn restored, the room is now at 15 cellsius. Warmer wather is expected for the weekend.