Current Affairs Report 1

Topic 1: The Vienna Elections

At a Election there is more than just one Parie in Vienna there are the Parties: ÖVP, SPÖ, GRÜNE, NEOS, SPÖ, HC, LINKS, BIER and smaller ones like: SÖZ, WIFF VOLT, PRO.

This Electon the SPO has won. They had much more Procent than the second place ÖVP.

But now there is a Coalition wich is not decided yet. Maybe the SPÖ will work together with GRÜNE, NEOS or ÖVP.

Topic 2: The Expedition Polarstern


The big Expedition ship Polarstern returned on Monday 12 October 2020 form the Arctic Expedition. They Expoleres were about an year on the Arctic. The total costs of the Expedition were about 177 milion US-Dollers. They were studiin climate change. The Crew Leader was Marcus Rex. Captain Rex

The Results

In the Expedition material samples were collected. They found out that the ice melts very quickly. This is a danger to climate.

Topic 3: iPhone 12

iPhone 12

A new iPhone from Apple was presented on Tuesday last Week. Like always the iPhones have the versions: Mini, pro, pro-max. It is also Waterprrof until 12 meters, shockprof, supports 5G (a new netwok technologie), has a ceramic shiled and 3 Cameras with night mode. In addition to that it also has a Lidar sensor wich is used for messuring distance.

Enviromental Protection

New iPhones are sold without a charger and headphones, that means that the packeging is smaller. Wich means less packaging material for one iPhone. that means less space required for transport (more iPhones fit in a truck) and last but not least less pollution.