Current Affairs Report 5

Current Affairs Report 5

Topic 1: New official Hight for Mount everest

New official hight for Mount everest.

China and Nepal announced a new official height for Mount Everest. This new recorded Hight is 8848,86216 meters. This is slightly higher than Nepal's last measurement and about 3 meters higher than China's last measurement. Some Scientist guessed that Mount Everest shrunk after an earthquake in 2015. But now there was no doubt that Mount Everest was higher than K2 because he is just 8608,7712 meters tall. Everest's height was firsly measured by a British tema at 8839 meters. But them most accepted height has been 8841 meters. At this time the Chinese said that the snow cap on top should not count to the height. So fro them Everst was still 8839 meters high. In 2019 a Nepal goverment climber team installed GPS equpment to measure the peak.

SpaceX rocket explodes by Landing

SpaceX rocket explodes by landing

A prototype of the massive spacecraft Elon Musk's SpaceX explded by landing. But Musk was not disappionted about the exposion. He sid that it was a great flight, and they heve all the dta they need. The reason for the explosion was, tht the rocket was too fast at landing.