Current Affairs Report 6

Current Affairs Report 6



Beethoven was born in 1770 and he is one of the best Composers in the world. On the 16th December Beethoven had his 250th birthday.

His life

Music was in is families blood. Father and grandfather were both musicians. But soon the relized that Beethoven was special. Beethoven's wather was a very strict person. At school Beethoven was bd at math, spellling and writing. fter a few years he left school. He wanted to fucus on music only. When he was 16 he traveled to Vienna. In over 45 years he wrote about 700 works. He alson wrote over 30 piano sonatas and one opera. In his 40s he became death. But this could not hold him down from composing more works.

Arresting of a Terrorist suspect


After the terrorist attck in Vienna on the 2nd November two more men were arrested on last Friday. The police found the men, becuase they found their DNA on the gun the the terrorist used. The DNA was from a 26 year old man.

How can you Identify person

You can Identify people with: fingerprints and DNA. DNA can be found in: blood, skin, hair, saliva, and semen. You can also make checks like: identifiying the handwriting.

DNA identification

DNA is a very important reference point becuse its found in nearly ever cell. DNA is located in two different places of the cell, the nucleus and the mitochondria. Every person has unique DNA code. If you find DNA at a crime scene you should never put it in a plastic bag. This could degrade the DNA.

The steps

The first step of the DNA identification is the extraction. In this step you remove the DNA from the cell. In the second step you analyze how much DNA is present. Next is the seperation. You seperate the DNA so you can use it for identification. Finaly the DNA is matched with a Database.